By the looks of it, Rob Gronkowski has done absolutely nothing but party his ass off (quite literally) since winning Super Bowl XLIX. Since partying is solely a hedonistic​ activity, Good Guy Gronk has decided to move the party on the road for charity. His legendary party bus—the one you definitely shouldn't try to sneak onto—will be, for the first time, opened up to strangers. It's all for a good cause too

Every $10 entry benefits Kids 2 Camp and the Gronk Nation Youth Foundation, plus it puts you in the running to fly to Massachusetts, stay in a 4-star hotel, and hang out with the Gronkowskis on their personal party bus.

Given what's seen in the above video, activities on the party bus include: Beer pong with dudes way bigger than you, amateur sumo wrestling, dancing like an idiot, bench-pressing ladies, and spiking stuff.

Go Gronk. 

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[via For The Win