Tough week for Greg Hardy. First, the NFL announced that they were suspending Hardy, who signed with the Cowboys earlier this year, for ten games for violating their Personal Conduct Policy last year by getting arrested for physically assaulting his ex-girlfriend. And now, Hardy is making headlines again for allegedly getting into a verbal altercation with one of his new teammates.

According to Fox Sports, Hardy and Cowboys defensive lineman Davon Coleman got into a brief shouting match after Hardy questioned whether or not Coleman was giving enough effort during practice today. Thankfully, their argument didn't turn physical because several of their teammates stepped between them. But it sounds like it very well could have escalated into something much bigger, if they hadn't stepped in and stopped a fight from happening.

This kind of stuff happens all the time during NFL practices. But still, it's not exactly the type of thing Hardy wants to be in the news for at the moment.


Coleman reportedly called Hardy a "woman beater."

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