If you haven't noticed yet, today is 4/20. And that means that your Twitter timeline is likely going to be filled with people talking about absolute nonsense because, well, 4/20! But who would have guessed that the first person to do it early this morning would be…Aaron Rodgers?

At around midnight today, Rodgers took to Twitter to talk about pirates. And the Old West. And free range chickens. It got really weird really quick:

And while Rodgers didn't offer up any sort of explanation for his tweets, several people out there provided their own guesses for why the Packers quarterback sent them out:

Some other people pointed out that the quotes Rodgers tweeted may have originated from writer/humorist Jack Handey:

This was definitely our favorite reaction to Rodgers' tweets, though:

For what it's worth, this isn't the first time Rodgers has sent out a stream of bizarre tweets. But we still feel the need to remind him about this. Ha.

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[via @AaronRodgers12]