Something weird is happening on the Internet tonight, and it involves a handful of female Kentucky Wildcat basketball fans and Devin Booker's car. 

A bunch of pictures are surfacing of Big Blue Nation's fairer sex licking the door of soon to be NBA first round pick Devin Booker's vehicle. Here's a sampling of said car-lickers.

So why is this happening? Well, in a recent interview with KSR in Lexington, Booker told the hosts that during an autograph signing someone informed him that a girl had licked his car out in the parking lot. (He also gets hit on by a bunch of older female Kentucky fans, so the whole spot is worth a listen.)

"It's definitely different," Booker said at the time. "I've never had that experience."

Well, since every woman in Kentucky was apparently listening to said interview, they are now bringing their tongues to his car in force and giving him more of that experience than he could ever want. They are also writing him love notes and sticking it under his windshield wipers. 

So, car licking is definitely about to become a tradition in Kentucky. Big Blue Nation be crazy.

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