Genius. Maniac. Visionary. Dictator. Needless to say Vincent Kennedy McMahon Jr. has been categorized as many things throughout his prolific career. The Chairman and CEO of the WWE has also been nothing short of a mastermind troll—one who’s deliberately infuriated wrestling fans by letting his ego run wild with controversial storylines, dubious plots, and the occasional need to steal the main event spotlight. Yet despite years of creating mayhem amongst the social wrestling community, the man has figured out the power in pissing off audiences, as we’re still trapped in his headlock watching WWE programming week in, week out. 

Somewhere in the world Vinnie Mac is laughing maniacally at the endless number of times he’s trolled us. And these are just some of the more memorable spots that made us want to Stone Cold stun the boss. Here are 13 Times Vince McMahon Trolled The WWE Universe.

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