When Keith Olbermann and Charles Barkley are on the same side of a debate, this rare case of sports bi-partisanship should tell you that the issue at hand probably doesn't have two good sides to stand on. Last week, Barkley called for the NFL and NCAA to remove the Super Bowl and Final Four from Indiana until the state's newly signed Religious Freedom Restoration Act is repealed. The law claims to protect expression of religion, by allowing businesses to refuse service to another person based on religious grounds but to Barkley, and now Olbermann, it's a clear cultivation of targeted anti-gay practices—modern day Jim Crow based on sexual orientation.

Watch Olbermann's video above for his reasoned and well-researched segment on why the NFL, NCAA, and all other sports leagues in Indiana need to act in the national interest and remove their business from the state.  

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[via NextImpulseSports]