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Most NFL Draft experts are predicting that the Buccaneers will select Jameis Winston with the No. 1 overall pick in the draft on April 30. But assuming they do, there's a good chance that Winston won't walk across the stage at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago to shake hands with Roger Goodell.

It's not because Winston doesn't want to be selected by Tampa Bay, though. Rather, it's because the former Florida State quarterback is reportedly going to be at home in Alabama on draft day surrounded by his friends and family. That plan isn't "set in stone" yet, according to his father Antonor Winston. But as of right now, Winston probably won't be making the trip to the Windy City to sit in the green room and celebrate with his fellow draftees.

Stay tuned to see if that's ultimately what Winston decides to do.

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[via Monday Morning Quarterback]