Florida State guard Xavier Rathan-Mayes was on fire last night during his team's game against Miami. It's just a shame he didn't start scoring before the last five minutes of the game.

Rathan-Mayes—who played on the same AAU team as Andrew Wiggins and Tyler Ennis in high school—scored 35 points total. But 30 of those came during the final five minutes of the contest, including 26 straight points for FSU during one stretch. He hit eight of the last 10 shots he took, including six three-pointers. And while his team ended up losing by four after trailing by 18, it was one hell of a way for the fantastic freshman to finish off the game.

Check out some highlights from the game in the clip above. How did Rathan-Mayes only manage to score five points prior to the last five minutes?

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[via Barstool Sports]