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We still have a couple months to go before the start of the NBA Playoffs. But it looks like the Chinese Basketball Association playoffs are really heating up right now!

Earlier this week, Qingdao and Shanxi played a first-round playoff game. And while we don't know (or care) who ended up winning it (Qingdao did, though, if, for whatever reason, you care), it was a pretty wild game. There were a bunch of hard fouls. There were some words exchanged between players from both teams. And at one point, former NBA player Von Wafer even punched a Qingdao player in the groin and got ejected. He responded by throwing a chair into the crowd (because, you know, why not?) and missed his teammate Jeremy Tyler, another former NBA player, trying to go after former Grizzles and Suns player Hamed Haddadi towards the end of the contest.

But the action didn't end there. The two teams also got into a fight after the game ended outside of their locker rooms:

CBA playoff basketball is so...intense. Who knew?

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