The talent level in the NBA has arguably never been higher than it is right now. Almost every player in the league has at least one above-average skill, making aspects of the game look almost easy to bystanders. In particular, there are some players who make basketball look so effortless that it’s almost maddening to watch them play. But of course you do anyway. They’re the guys who make you think that you, too, could be a great NBA player, even though in your heart you know that these guys are actually giving 100 percent at all times.

While there are great players in the league—like LeBron James and Russell Westbrook—whose success is rooted in speed and raw energy, they may not always be the guys making the prettiest buckets. It’s certainly no strike against them, but it does disqualify them from this particular conversation.

Here, we’re looking for the guys who make it look totally effortless out on the floor. Regardless of which position they play, they make even the most intense matchup look like a casual game of pickup. Listed below are the players who embody gracefulness on the court. These are The Smoothest Players in the NBA Right Now.