At 3 p.m., the NBA trade deadline officially passed and, in the words of Aubrey Drake Graham, nothing was the same. As the clock moved closer to the hour, more and more rumors started popping up. Goran Dragic to Miami. Reggie Jackson to Detroit. Kevin Garnett back to Minnesota. What the fuck was happening? It was like someone in the NBA headquarters had pushed the Buffalo Wild Wings button. Concerned NBA fans didn't know what to do with themselves. 

Even now, the dust from the wreckage is still settling. Names and numbers continue to roll in as the deals await finalization. 

And, in the wake of the 2015 trade deadline, we are only left to gaze upon the battered and crumbling ruins of the social media website formerly known as Twitter. Prior to 3 p.m., Twitter was just your average, everyday resource for jokes, news, and hot takes. However, as more and more deals came to pass, and the tweets of outrage, confusion, and shock accrued, the entire website became overwhelmed, eventually exploding in a blast of a million 140-character-sized pieces of shrapnel. R.I.P. 

Just kidding. But seriously, Twitter was freaking out. Scroll down to inspect the damage. Not even the gawd Adrian Wojnarowski could handle what was going on.