Michael Wilbon—the co-host of ESPN's popular show, Pardon the Interruption—has been working in TV for years now. So he's had the opportunity to meet a lot of really famous people and to do things that the average person doesn't get to do. But on Saturday night, during an NBA All-Star Weekend party to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Jordan Brand, Wilbon got to do something pretty incredible. He got to stand and watch a Prince concert—with Jay Z and Beyoncé.

But wait, it gets better. During a radio interview with his PTI co-host Tony Kornheiser on Tuesday, Wilbon talked about exactly what happened while he was watching the show with Jay and Bey. And it sounds like it was something straight out of every guy's craziest dream.

"This is the best anybody's gonna have it this weekend," he explained. "I'm watching Prince with Beyoncé and Jay Z. Except for it gets better…All of a sudden, in the middle of [a cover of] 'Play That Funky Music White Boy,' Beyoncé Knowles just decides to do Beyoncé Knowles. To just be Beyoncé. Like, the Beyoncé you see performing—doing the Beyoncé. She did that, right there, two inches away, for like an hour…The golden hair is hitting my face, and I get a text from a friend who is about 75 yards behind me, but can see this—and there's no flash, no pictures, this is a private party, and I shouldn't even be telling the story—and the text said, 'You should never wash your face again.'"

Sounds…awesome. And yes, Wilbon, you shouldn't wash your face again. Ever. In the eyes of everyone in the Beyhive, you are now a hero.

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