If this was a frat party, Mason Plumlee would be duct taped to a chair and forced to listen to the "New Girl" theme song for six hours straight for committing the ultimate party foul. He's lucky this happened on the hardwood.

Attempting to chase down a loose ball, Plumlee runs right into a woman delivering a tray of beer to some courtside fans taking in the Brooklyn Nets matchup against the Washington Wizards. Beer goes everywhere, covering the two fans, the woman who delivered them and Plumlee himself in what was probably a bunch of $10 Miller Lites. Here's another angle.

(Vine via Adam McGinnis)

My man with the fading hair looked like he had a nice pair of kicks on too. The lesson here? No loose ball is worth that much wasted beer. You've got the next few rounds, Mason. 

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[Via Tom Lorenzo]