Late last month, a girl named Stephanie took to Tinder to let the world know that she had (allegedly!) slept with Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

"I fucked odell beckham jr.," she wrote in her Tinder bio, underneath a photo of her (or at least, a girl that we assume to be her) kissing OBJ on the cheek. "Get on my level cunts."

And now, it appears as though one girl has decided to try and get on her level. Her name is Sabrina and she just posted a photo of her (or again, a girl that we assume is her) in bed with a man who looks an awful lot like Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman. And on top of the photo, she included the words, "Just fucked Edelman no lie."

We should point out that Edelman himself is not a big fan of Tinder. Back in January 2013, he joined Tinder:

But he quit less than a month later:

And something tells us that this will make him hate Tinder even more.

So who's going to be the next athlete to find himself on the wrong end of one of these Tinder photos?

[via Deadspin]

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