When your name is Floyd Mayweather, you don't have to go out to party. You can simply bring the party to you. Money Mayweather has proved that in the past by lining up rows of scantily-clad young ladies in his hotel room and having them dance for him. And he proved it again during NBA All-Star Weekend in New York City by hosting what appeared to be a steady stream of PYTs in his hotel room.

His personal DJ Jay Bling—sidebar: How crazy is it that Mayweather has a personal DJ?—gave everyone a sneak peek at the action by sharing two Instagram videos with the world. Early Saturday morning, he shared this clip of him and Mayweather, who was wearing pajamas at the time (and possibly getting a pedicure?), partying:

And then, early Sunday morning, he shared this clip of him and Mayweather partying inside of a hotel room again with a bunch of nearly-naked women surrounding them:

For what it's worth, the pair did leave the hotel (we think) to attend a party on Saturday night:

But it looks like the real party was back at the hotel, no? No wonder Mayweather isn't in any rush to agree to a fight with Manny Pacquiao.

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[via @jaybling]