It's not out of the ordinary to see drunk fans at sporting events. We once put together a whole list of them here. But it is pretty wild to see a drunk fan at a hockey game that features a bunch of 6 and 7-year-old kids out on the ice.

That was the scene at a hockey tournament over the weekend, where, according to the YouTube description of the video above, a man spent an entire game "swigging a cup of liquor" and then got into it with some of the fans around him. Apparently, they had to audacity to ask the man to STFU after he started yelling during the game, and he responded by dropping a bunch of F-bombs on them and challenging them to a fight. The cops were eventually called and the man was arrested. But the saddest part about the entire incident was watching his family (or at least, who we think is his family) sitting next to him with "There goes dad again" looks on their faces.

We should warn you that the language used in the clip here is very NSFW (or children's hockey games!). But if you want to see how to automatically get yourself disqualified from the Father of the Year race, check it out.

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