Would you trade your Hall of Fame career for one Super Bowl ring? It’s a silly hypothetical that gets tossed around by players and media members alike. After all, football is such a team sport in the truest sense of the word “team,” which means that the championship potential of individual players (except for the almighty quarterback) is wrapped up in the 52 other guys on the roster and the coaching staff. Only 295 individuals have been elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but many more Super Bowl rings have been awarded. One is an elite individual feat, while the other is the product of elite teamwork. This may sound socialist and whatever (North American sports are totes socialist anyway), but those 295 Hall of Famers would all probably trade their individual bronze busts for a ring with their team’s name on it.

Wide receivers are as confined to the limitations of others as much as any position in football. Their stats rise and fall with their quarterback, and so too does the fate of the team. In these pass-happy modern times, great quarterback play trumps all else. For some all-time great wideouts though, their playoff careers were stagnated by bad teams, bad passers, and sometimes just flat-out bad luck. From Terrell Owens to James Lofton, these are The 12 Best Wide Receivers Who Never Won a Super Bowl.