Yesterday, we declared Tom Brady "the greatest football player who ever lived." And predictably, there were some people out there who didn't agree with us. At all. Names like Johnny Unitas, Jim Brown, Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders, and, of course, Joe Montana got thrown out in the comments section of the post. And over the last week, the Brady and Montana comparisons have been made over and over (and over) again by a number of former NFL players, sports analysts, and bloggers.

So earlier today, Brady himself decided to have a little bit of fun with the endless Brady/Montana comparisons by taking to Facebook to prove that he's been preparing for them for a long time now. He posted a photo of him dressed up as Montana back in the early 1980s along with a caption.

"I've been preparing for Sunday since 1983!" he wrote. "Ha."

"Ha" is right. You (and your Facebook page) the best, Brady!

[via Sportstress of Blogitude]

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