On Saturday, the NHL All-Star Weekend in Columbus, Ohio will get underway with the All-Star Skills Competition and in anticipation for the exciting night of action, the league has announced their partnership with GoPro. And what better way to do it then equipping a couple of their biggest names, like the Canadiens' P.K.  Subban and the BlackhawksJonathan Toews, with a GoPro and letting them show the world what they can do. 

Long story short, it's pretty damn impressive. From the intricate work with the puck to seeing the RangersHenrik Lundqvist work through saving a series of shots, the near four-minute video will make you appreciate what these guys do out on the ice. Usually, you would probably just shrug off anything having to do with hockey, but these guys are insanely talented. Don't believe us? just watch!  

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