Like President Obama, Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford was not happy with the call to overturn the crucial pass interference penalty thrown against the Dallas Cowboys last Sunday. However, unlike President Obama, Stafford was mic'd up during the game, allowing us to hear all of his thoughts on the matter, as they came out of his mouth. In a word, Stafford found the decision, "unbelievable."

In the video above, you can watch Stafford pace the sideline furiously, holler in disgust, and rip into the refs as he protests the call, clearly frustrated that the stripes played such a crucial part in deciding the outcome of his team's drive. 

"I've never in the history seen one turned over," said Stafford. "Congratulations, man. First time in the history that's happened."

As a note, we'd also like to address the claim from Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick that "every single penalty tonight has been on us": The Lions were penalized eight times for 44 yards during the game; Dallas received six flags for 46 yards. 

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