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Marshawn Lynch enjoys a lot of things: Scoring touchdowns, grabbing his dick after scoring touchdowns, running through defenders, grabbing his dick after running through defenders...the list goes on. One thing Marshawn doesn't enjoy, however, are post-game interviews. As evidenced by his recent infamous locker room meetings with the press, Beast Mode would much rather be eating Skittles or causing seismic activity in the greater Seattle area than posturing for the cameras. 

With this in mind, we here at Complex Sports created the Marshawn Lynch Magic 8-Ball. Like other Magic 8-Balls it has the ability to guide you through some of life's toughest decisions, but only the Marshawn Lynch Magic 8-Ball does so while keeping it all the way 100. Who wants their spiritual guide children's toy telling them "Reply Hazy Try Again Later" when it could just read "I'm Thankful"? Not us. 

So ask a question, click (or tap) to shake, and watch closely as Beast Mode himself personally opens up all of the answers to the universe.