If you ask Marshawn Lynch about Tom Brady in 2015, you already know what he'll say about him: "I'm just here so I won't get fined."

But back in 2008, Yardbarker did an interview with Beast Mode and asked him about the Patriots quarterback, and the interview was amazing. Specifically, Yardbarker asked Lynch, "Tom Brady, you think that dude gets hyphy?" And Lynch—who was still playing for the Bills at the time (and blogging for Yardbarker!)—went off and discussed just how hyphy he thought Brady was.

"What?!" he said. "Yeeeeeah. You don't see the way he play? He hyphy all the way. He 100 percent hyphy. And I respect him, though. Great player, great head on his shoulders, and he make things happen…He like the God of football right now…I just want to say what's up to him, so I can say I talked to somebody who's perfect."

How great is that? We've never seen Lynch look that relaxed during an interview. And wait, it gets better!

During the interview, Yardbarker also asked Lynch to sign onto their site and leave a comment on a post. So here he is talking about the importance of spell checking Internet comments:

Wow. So Beast Mode does talk. And when he feels comfortable enough to do it, he's a pretty terrific interview.

[via YouTube]