If cops were pressing you to name names in order to save your own ass, would you do it? That was the decision facing an employee at a Baton Rouge, Louisiana shoe store who was questioned by police regarding the sale of LSU memorabilia online. The employee (25-year-old Fletcher Sanders) chose to honorably keep his lips sealed and was subsequently booked on "theft charges." The cops had found out about the sale (which featured cleats and gloves from LSU's mid-season victory over Ole Miss) because LSU's equipment manager saw the items on eBay, and then snitched.

Sanders claimed that he was selling the gear on behalf of an unnamed LSU player. When he refused to give the name of that player, officers pressed him by threatening him with arrest. Sanders reportedly responded by saying "Do what you have to do, I am not going to be responsible for ruining someone's career." Afterward he was booked at East Baton Rogue Parish Prison where he made bail (reportedly for $3000 dollars) earlier today. Sanders' attorney said "we believe this is a misunderstanding and expect all charges to be dropped."

Even though an LSU police spokesperson said they believed the sale was an isolated incident, Sanders' eBay history shows almost $3,000 worth of past merchandise from "bowl games."

Police are currently trying to retrieve both the gloves and cleats from whomever unfortunately bought them.

[via The Advocate]

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