If Jay Cutler were playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday, he wouldn't be dealing with the issues that he's dealing with right now. But the Bears quarterback isn't playing in the big game this year because, well, he stunk for most of the season. So instead of preparing to play in the Super Bowl, Cutler has been on daddy duty lately. And apparently, it hasn't gone well.

Cutler's wife Kristin Cavalarri was away for two days late last week and left Cutler and the couple's two kids—Jax, 2, and Camden, eight months—at home alone. She landed back in Chicago over the weekend, and this was the text message that awaited her:

Ha. We don't know what's funnier—that Cutler didn't greet his wife with a "Welcome back!" text or that things were so bad at home that he ended his text rant by saying, "I'm about to leave," and sounded serious about it.

The 2014-15 NFL season isn't even over yet, but it seems like Cutler can't wait for next season to get started. Anything to get out of his house right now!

[via Extra Mustard]

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