Unlike the Ohio State Buckeyes, the Arizona Cardinals are pretty god damn awful when they're forced to start their third string quarterback in a playoff game. Playing the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte for their Wild Card playoff matchup, the Cardinals and quarterback Ryan Lindley were as bad as Seth Rogen in "The Green Hornet." If you can bare to look at it, here are all of the terrible, terrible numbers from an Arizona Cardinals team that is a far cry from the days of Kurt Warner.

-The Cardinals couldn't reach 100 yards of offense for the game. They hit 77 after losing 20 yards on a lateral on the last play of the game. That's 1.64 yards per play, the worst offensive performance in NFL history.

-Lindley was 15-27 for 101 yards. That's a whopping 3.7 yards per pass, which is what you might average in your small backyard playing with your younger brother. His night ended by getting destroyed on a lateral.

-Before Lindley threw a 26-yard pass to John Brown in garbage time, the Cardinals had amassed six yards of offense in the second half. Six. Add that throw in, and they still were only able to muster 32 yards in 30 minutes.

-The Cardinals four running backs rushed for a combined 27 yards. That's 1.8 yards per rush.

-Larry Fitzgerald led all receivers with 31 yards.

In essence, Arizona resembled that hipster you see at the bar trying to talk to a dime about the most recent John Grisham novel. He never had a chance. It makes you wonder, just how bad is Logan Thomas? Because he couldn't have been worse than Lindley, right? RIGHT?

Stats via ESPN

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