Pictured above is former No. 1 golfer Tiger Woods, hanging out in Italy while attending a skiing tournament that his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn competed in and won today. Now, you may not have realized that it was Tiger in that photo because, as you can see, he's clearly missing something. 

Image via USA TODAY Sports / Brian Spurlock

You see what we mean, right? 

There are varying reports about what happened to Tiger's tooth. ESPN.com senior golf writer Bob Harig reported via Twitter that Tiger lost the tooth after getting hit by a video camera at the event today. 

That photo of Tiger in Italy with a missing tooth? legit. Agent says video camera person clipped him at downhill ski race. Knocked it out

— Bob Harig (@BobHarig) January 19, 2015

Re Tiger. Apparently there was a crush of photographers at Lindsey's post race presentation. Video guy got him in mouth when turned camera

— Bob Harig (@BobHarig) January 19, 2015

Harig's account makes it sound as if Tiger lost the tooth just hours ago. However, other websites such as Deadspin and the Big Lead are pointing out that rumors about a possible fake tooth for Woods have been circulating since 2009. Apparently, it's believed that Tiger lost his tooth after his ex-wife Elin Nordegren hit him in the mouth with a phone. This story remains completely unconfirmed, though. 

But, whatever the case, Woods is clearly missing a tooth. Do you know something? Send an email to our tip line if you'd like to share any leads, stories, or conspiracy theories regarding its whereabouts. 

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