Another day, another press conference about #DeflateGate

The New England Patriots announced an impromptu media session this afternoon so that head coach Bill Belichick could let everyone know just how much he has learned about PSI and deflated footballs. There isn't much new being said here, though it appears Belichick spent the past few days locked in a laboratory somewhere conducting as many tests as he could on a football like some sort of mad scientist.

Through all the rhetoric of Belichick's nearly 20-minute press conference, here is the one highlight: 

"We found that once the footballs were on the field over an extended period of time...that they were down approximately 1.5 PSI," Belichick said. "When we brought the footballs back in after that process and retested them in a controlled environment, then those measurements rose approximately .5 PSI." 

So, OK, the frigid weather at Gillette Stadium apparently caused a 1.5 drop in the PSI of the football after the pigskin was brought out onto the field from the officials' locker room. That still doesn't explain why the same thing wouldn't have happened to the footballs the Indianapolis Colts were using, but I digress. Belichick is still claiming 100 percent innocence on this whole thing. 

"I believe now that, 100 percent, I personally, and we as an organization, have absolutely followed every rule to the letter." 

Whatever you say, Bill. This was just another opportunity for you to say "balls" a bunch more times. 

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