Golden State Warriors forward Marreese Speights had a bit of a shoe issue during his team's game against the Dallas Mavericks this afternoon. You see, Speights lost his shoe, as in it fell of of his foot, and one cannot be expected to play basketball with one foot exposed. So Stephen Curry, ever the kind soul, grabbed his teammate's shoe and attempted to throw it back to him.

That's when Dallas Mavericks giant person Tyson Chandler stepped in. For Chandler has no time for rogue shoes lying around his basketball court. So he swatted the airborne shoe on its way to Speights, much like he would swat a common fly or Monta Ellis when he won't stop talking. It's sudden and unexpected, leaving Curry and Speights to raise their arms in confusion as is to say "Why, Tyson? Why must you deny a man his God-given right to wear a shoe on each foot?" The world may never know.