Even though most NBA players are born with God-given talents that allow them to be better than 99.9999 percent of the other basketball players on the planet, they still need to work—and work hard—during the offseason in order to improve their respective game. So they spend countless hours in the gym getting up shots, running through drills, and doing whatever it takes to show improvement on the court. And often times, they’re not alone when they do it.

In order to improve, many NBA players work with trainers who are able to help them elevate their games by showing them how to get better in certain areas. And while it’s the players who ultimately get the credit for improving, most of them wouldn’t be able to get better without their trainers. So to give them some shine, we decided to put a spotlight on The Trainers Behind the NBA’s Most-Improved Players. Without these trainers, these NBA players probably wouldn’t be doing as well as they are right now.