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Rob Gronkowski has said and done a lot of silly things over the course of his NFL career. In fact, we kind of keep waiting for him to be like, "Okay, guys, I'm done messing around! Serious time!" But it hasn't happened yet…and it doesn't appear as though it's going to happen anytime soon.

ESPN The Magazine just put Gronk on the cover of their new "Interview Issue" (Gronk was photographed wearing a chain that says "SEXY" on it) and also asked him to pose for photographs with a bunch of kittens. He's Rob Gronkowski so of course he said yes. And he also talked about a bunch of ridiculous things in the interview.

On his love for dancing: "My dance moves are always working no matter where I am. Whether at the house or if I'm out, at the facility working out, practicing, you gotta get your dance moves right. They help out with your footwork."

On what he's going to get Tom Brady for Christmas: "Catch his passes. I think that's all he wants. I never really got him anything. Maybe this year. We'll see what he gets me first."

On SpongeBob (yes, SpongeBob): "I…watch SpongeBob still."

It's pretty much exactly what you'd expect from an interview that features Gronk posing with kittens. But it's still worth a read (we should note that there are a few serious parts as well). Check it out here.

[via ESPN]

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