Paul Gascoigne is going to star in a feature length documentary about his life on and off the pitch.

The former England star is currently being interviewed for a film that's set to be released in UK cinemas next summer, to time with the 25th anniversary of Italia 90 – the World Cup that turned 'Gazza' into a bonafide star.

The film, titled Gascoigne, is being directed by Jane Preston and will be built from sit-down interviews with Paul Gascoigne alongside archive footage from his career.

Gascoigne's stand out performances at Italia 90 earned him a transfer to Lazio.


But we all know the tournament famously ended in tears.

Gascoigne did star in an ITV documentary from 2013 – Being Paul Gascoigne – but the Daily Mirror reports that the ex-footballer was left "frustrated" by his portrayal and this film will cover a different period of Gazza's life: from his childhood in Durham to his England debut.

Gascoigne wants the film to be similar to Mike Tyson's documentary from 2008.

This promises to be a mix of comedy, tragedy and history.

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