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Until he broke his ankle during Ohio State's 42-28 win against the University of Michigan on Nov. 29, Buckeyes QB J.T. Barrett was considered one of the leading Heisman candidates in the nation, having led OSU to a nearly perfect record in the 2014 season, despite the absence of last year's starting signal-caller, Braxton Miller. 

However, early this morning, an unfortunate end to Barrett's season may have gotten worse for the Buckeyes QB after a troubling police report surfaced saying Barrett attacked his girlfriend, Alexandria Barrett-Clark, during an argument. Fox 28 has the details: 

In the report, Barrett says a woman identified as his girlfriend -- Alexandria Barrett-Clark -- refused to leave his apartment after he asked her to do so. Barrett says she "ran at him and pushed him."

Barrett says Barrett-Clark hit him. In the report, he say he pushed her awy in self-defense, which caused her to fall to a bed. Barrett says he again asked her to leave. Agan, he says, she refused.

Barrett-Clark says she told Barrett that she would leave in the morning.

She told police that Barrett confronted her in his bedroom and "choked her on the bed." She said Barrett used his forearm to apply pressue to her neck before taking her phone away from her.

Barrett-Clark told police she managed to get away from Barrett and call police.

According to the report, neither Barrett nor Barrett-Clark was arrested or charged for the incident. The local prosecutor's office will now make a decision on whether to pursue the matter further. 

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