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All sports have official rules that dictate what you may or may not do on the pitch. All sports also have unwritten rules that are basically understood suggestions that make up a secondary code of conduct. In golf these off-the-books rules include maintaining a level mind and not taking your frustration out on the golf course, despite possibly being the most difficult mental game there is. You're pretty much just supposed to take all that anger, bury it inside and either channel it into positive focus or wait until the 19th hole to drink it off. The kid in this video did neither of those things. 

But of course he didn't, he's just a toddler. Toddlers ain't got time for holding back their feelings or calmly fighting back anger after missing a three-inch putt. This young G let his emotions fly, throwing a fantastic temper tantrum that anybody who's ever stepped foot on a putting green would understand. Salute, kid, everybody gets it. 

Next time you're on the course and get pissed, just think of this little man. That should help lighten the mood. 

[via NBC Sports]