For as talented as Jameis Winston is on the football field, his life off of it has been as bumpy as a Detroit side street in the winter (Pothole joke, anyone? Anyone?). From sexual assault charges, to stealing crab legs to yelling horribly inappropriate memes in the middle of Florida State's campus, Winston can't seem to escape trouble. So much so, that the man once considered to be a shoo-in as the first quarterback taken in the 2015 NFL Draft has sketched a lot of teams out, and his draft stock has reportedly been falling all year long.

New York Jets quarterback Michael Vick has been through his fair share of issues during his career in the league, and he's still got faith that wherever Winston lands in the NFL, he'll take it by storm. 

"I think he's the future of the NFL," Vick told "I look forward to watching him. I have high expectations for him."

Vick, one of the most athletic and electric quarterbacks the league had ever seen during his time with the Atlanta Falcons, had his career derailed after he was arrested in association with a dog fighting ring in 2007. When he returned to the league three years later, he briefly recaptured some of that early magic as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles before injuries and a loss of athleticism caught up to him. Now mired in a dismal season in New York, Vick seems to have taken an affinity for the Heisman Trophy winner.

"He may make some poor decisions, but he gets on that football field and he plays his ass off," Vick said. "Yeah, he can mature. He'll mature."

[Via ESPN]


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