Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston has been dogged with controversy for almost a year now following a complaint of sexual assault in 2013, and then getting charged with a shoplifting incident over the summer. However, the Heisman-winning national champion has been able to shed most of the bad press because, well, he's a Heisman-winning national champion. 

Today, we are provided with another example of Winston's apparent invincibility, as the FSU star was reportedly seen yelling in the middle of campus today, screaming, "Fuck her right in the pussy!"

Clearly, Winston was jumping on the long-time meme, which first originated thanks to some random dude who loves to run up on local news reports and yell, "Fuck her right in the pussy!" Some may find the meme hilarious, Winston included, but Winston, as an accused sexual predator, should probably know better than to be screaming in the middle of campus about something as incendiary as this. 

But, hey, Famous Jameis has thrown for 626 yards and three touchdowns this season, leading the Seminoles to an early 2-0 start. And, honestly, that's all that most people care about anyway. As you'll notice, various students either laughed at Winston's remarks, or punctuated them with #gonoles. There is reason to be skeptical that any sort of discipline is headed Winston's way. 

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