From a fan perspective, Thursday Night Football has been an unmitigated disaster for the NFL. The quality of any TNF showdown is automatically suspect, as short preparation times leave players visibly gassed, and coaches clearly unprepared. As such, we've been subjected to some of the worst games of the 2014-15 NFL season during this supposedly-prestigious time slot; the so-called "prime time" match-ups have often resulted in lopsided blowouts or low-scoring slap fights hampered by scarecrow defenses and equally ineffectual offenses. 

Despite the low quality of competition, we can't expect the NFL to change gears on their ill-fated experiment any time soon. As of 2013, the NFL Network's reported gains from Thursday Night Football were an affiliate revenue increase of 56 percent, netting them $1.12 billion over the year. The cash cow will keep on feeding, even if its milk is sour. 

However, we can't let the NFL's weekly meltdowns go completely unchecked. Tonight, the league will air its final TNF showdown of the season (between the Tennessee Titans and the Jacksonville Fucking Jaguars, no less). In honor of the end of our long national nightmare, we've ranked every Thursday Night Football game of the 2014-15 NFL from best to worst. Trust us, the latter end weighs heavier than the former. 

[Note: We did not include the Thanksgiving match-ups. Let's not sully the name of a good tradition.]