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Daniel Orton's NBA career never really panned out. After getting drafted with the 29th pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, he spent three seasons in the league before fizzling out and eventually landing overseas. But after watching this video, it doesn't look like Orton's Chinese Basketball Association career is going to last very long, either.

Yesterday, during a game against Tianjin Ronggang Golden Lions, the Sichuan Blue Whales center got into it with a player named Shang Pin after he got tangled up with Pin under the basket. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Orton threw a punch (below the belt!) at Pin. And from there, all hell broke loose with players from both teams throwing punches and taking their fight into the crowd. It was, in a word, ugly and looked like the kind of fight that's going to end with at least a few players serving very, very long suspensions.

You can check out the brawl in its entirety above. Strangely enough, Orton replaced Metta World Peace—a guy who knows a thing or two about fighting during games—on the Sichuan roster earlier this month after World Peace went down with a knee injury.

[via SB Nation]

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