Earlier this week, Chad Johnson took to Twitter to reveal that he left a $300 tip for a waitress at a restaurant recently. The tip—which he wrote on a $351 bill—also came with a message:

And according to him, that message helped save a different woman's life.

Earlier today, Johnson took to Twitter to share another photo with the world. But this one didn't include a bill or a receipt. Rather, it included a photo of a direct message that he received from a woman who told him that she was considering committing suicide the other day before she saw the photo of the tip that Johnson had shared. She claimed that she was ready to end her life until she saw Johnson's words and "realized that there are always unforeseen blessings coming."

The player-formerly-known-as-Ochocinco has said and done a lot of newsworthy things on social media over the years. But this is easily one of his best social media moments.

[via Black Sports Online]