On Sunday, Dominic Raiola was back at it again, re-establishing himself as one of the dirtiest players in the NFL today. During yesterday's game against the Chicago Bears, Raiola stomped on Ego Ferguson's leg. While the Lions center maintains that the move was "totally unintentional," the video suggests otherwiseThis is the second incident involving Raiola, who was not punished by the league for purposely trying to injure the New England Patriots defensive lineman Zach Moore in late November.

Now, Ferguson's teammate Brandon Marshall has decided to speak out against Raiola's dirty ways, discussing a time when the 14-year pro cracked jokes about his ongoing battle with borderline personality disorder in 2012. Prior to the game, Raiola told Marshall, “I’m just warming up, just standing there. He’s like, ‘Go take your medicine. You freaking weirdo, you freaking crazy guy.” Marshall added, “This guy is a dirty player, and he’s a worse human being. He has no respect for himself." 

Raiola has already been suspended for Sunday's Week 17 contest against the Green Bay Packers for violating the league's safety-related rules. 

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[via Michael C. Wright]

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