If you’re tall, white, and can shoot a basketball exceptionally well, you are invariably going to be compared to Larry Bird. Yesterday’s birthday boy, Bird, was so much more than just a shooter; he was an exceptional passer, a cagey force on the glass, and an innovator in the “creepy mustache” game. He also won three MVP awards, was an All-Star 12 times, and made nine All-NBA first teams. At Bird’s retirement ceremony, Magic Johnson put it best when he said “there will never, ever, ever be another Larry Bird.”

But that hasn’t stopped fans and media from trying to anoint one anyway.

It seems like every few years since Bird’s retirement, a new player comes into the NBA who everybody thinks will be the next Bird. And yet, over 20 years since Larry Legend called it quits, we’re still no closer to finding somebody whose game is as complete as the one he had. Whether it’s Christian Laettner, Adam Morrison, or Joe Alexander, plenty of guys have come along who simply didn’t have it. Here are 10 Athletes Who Were Not “The Next Larry Bird.”

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