Last November, a couple days after the Lions beat the Bears, Brandon Marshall said that, despite the loss, Detroit was still Chicago's "little brother." And it didn't sit well with a lot of Lions fans.

So earlier today, in an effort to troll Marshall, a Lions fan reminded Marshall about what he said last season. And Marshall didn't take too kindly to the reminder. In fact, he got so upset with the Twitter troll that he said he would give the guy $5,000 to fight him:

And he didn't stop there. Marshall also said that, if he somehow lost the fight, he would give the guy an additional $10,000. However, if Marshall won, he said the guy had to volunteer at an orphanage:

The guy wasn't satisfied with that response, though. So he countered back by saying that he would fight Marshall but only if Marshall kicked the price up to $25,000. And believe it or not, Marshall kept the Twitter beef going by immediately agreeing to the $25,000 price tag:

Marshall also said that the guy had to apologize to his mom, who the Lions fan insulted at the beginning of their exchange:

But then, the fan disappeared. He made his Twitter page private and forced Marshall to send out one more tweet to him:

Finally, the fan agreed to the fight...but only if the Bears are able to win three more games this season:

Marshall hasn't responded to that tweet. But if the Bears win three more times, we wouldn't be surprised if he reminds this fan about what he said. Stay tuned...

[via Extra Mustard]