Late yesterday, the University of Georgia suspended their star running back Todd Gurley due to an investigation into possible NCAA violations that Gurley may have committed. According to various reports, Gurley accepted cash payments in exchange for autographing helmets, jerseys, and photos for a memorabilia dealer recently. Video of the autograph sessions reportedly exists. And as a result, his college football career might be over.

Gurley's supporters aren't going down without a fight, though. A short time ago, someone started a White House petition to have Gurley cleared of any wrongdoing. And a #FreeGurley hashtag also just started popping up all over Twitter, with people pleading for Gurley's return to the Georgia team and criticizing both Georgia and the NCAA for unfairly punishing Gurley. Scroll down to see some of the #FreeGurley tweets that we've seen come across our timeline. It's pretty clear that UGA fans are serious about trying to get Gurley back into the Bulldogs' lineup.

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