Lance Stephenson is going to bring a lot to the Hornets this season. The former Pacers guard will be able to score the basketball for Charlotte. He'll be able to add some energy to the Hornets' lineup every time he takes the court. And as we learned last night, he'll also be able to show his new teammates how to flop to perfection.

During a preseason game against the Bulls on Sunday, Born Ready took the ball to the hole against Kirk Hinrich. And when the Bulls guard jumped up in the air and then just barely made contact with Stephenson when he landed, Stephenson acted as if Shaq had just landed on his back. He went crashing out of bounds and recorded his first great flop as a member of the Hornets.

We can pretty much promise that it won't be his last great flop, though. Stay tuned, Hornets fans!

[via Bleacher Report]