There's a chance that the Cardinals won't be back in Los Angeles later this week to play the Dodgers. If either the Cardinals or the Dodgers win Games 3 and 4 in St. Louis today and tomorrow, then they won't have to head back to the West Coast on Thursday night to decide who will win their best-of-5 NLDS series, which is currently tied up at 1-1. But if they do end up going back to Cali, Game has some advice for all the Cardinals fans out there: Don't wear red to the game.

Actually, it's fine to wear red at the game. But as the rapper explains, it's not a good idea to venture to certain parts of L.A. in a red jersey, even if the only reason you're wearing it is to show support for your team.

"The Cardinals is red," he said, "so if you get caught slippin' in the wrong hood, it might not be about baseball. It might be about baseball bats, you feel me?"

Welp. Yes.

If the NLDS does indeed head back to L.A., a white jersey might be your best bet, Cards fans.

[via TMZ Sports]