Jay Schroeder is really, really dumb. 

The former Washington Redskins quarterback recently shared his thoughts on the name controversy swirling around the team, and in the process of trying to articulate his feelings on the matter, he said a couple very stupid things, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press

"I think it's been blown way out of proportion,'' Schroeder said. "I think that the Washington Redskins have represented the Redskins name very well through the years and bringing glory to it. If you look around the country, if you want to change the Redskins, you've got to change a lot of names. I'm wondering why everybody is going after the Redskins and not everybody else.''

Okay, so, surely when he says "everybody else," Schroeder is referring to other teams with racist nicknames or associated paraphernalia, such as the Cleveland Indians


"Let's take the context of the word Panthers,'' Schroeder said. "It's an animal, but let's recall what happened in the 1960s with the militant groups (the Black Panthers). If you're going to take that context, you can take every word and look at it and decide what your own meaning is going to be.''

Jay, you may want to go back to the drawing board with that analogy and try again. Or, better yet, just don't try at all. 

[via Bill Barnwell]