Team: Golden State Warriors
2013-14 Stats: 24.0 PPG, 4.3 RPG, 8.5 APG, 1.6 SPG

During the offseason, Curry said he thinks his offensive game is better than LeBron James' offensive game. And while we wouldn't quite go that far—if he wanted to, LeBron could definitely average more than 40 points per game—Curry does have an offensive game that's better than just about anyone else in the league.

Curry can shoot, he can create his own shots, he can make you pay for fouling him by knocking down shots at the free throw line, and when he's not scoring, he can dish the ball with the best of them. His 8.5 assists per game last season were a career best and gave him the sixth-highest assist average in the league. Bottom line: Curry does everything his team needs on the offensive end of the ball. And now that he's reportedly made it his mission to get better on the defensive side of the ball, too, he's only going to become that much better of a player moving forward.