Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith is a guy who doesn't bite his tongue for anyone. You could make an argument for him being the best trash talker in the entire NFL right now—as well as one for him being one of the greatest trash talkers in league history. So when he took to Twitter last night to speak his mind on domestic violence, he really went in and made it very clear that he believes that men should not hit women under any circumstances:

But he also took it one step further. In addition to telling men not to put their hands on women, Smith also made a direct reference to the Ray Rice situation in a subsequent tweet and talked about what happened the last time he ended up on an elevator with his wife Angie. It was much different than what took place when Rice and his then-fiancée Janay Palmer were on an elevator in Atlantic City, N.J. back in February. Here's the tweet he sent out:

A lot of Rice's now-former Baltimore teammates have shied away from speaking about what Rice did. But not Smith. He chose to address the issue head-on and we appreciate the way he went about doing it.

[via Black Sports Online]