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The black eyes and the bruises continue to come for the NFL with yet another harsh accusation. This time, Gloria Allred—a known feminist attorney—is accusing an unnamed player of raping one of her clients. The bigger potential shitstorm here is that the player's team knew about this allegation but still allowed him to play.

Allred said her client reported the crime to the police the same Saturday that the alleged rape occurred.

The accused did respond to law enforcement's request and went to the police station accompanied by a representative of his NFL team," Allred said. "Thereafter, the accused was then allowed by his team to play the following day. We have asked the NFL whether or not this alleged rape was reported to them and if they approved this accused individual's playing in the game notwithstanding the allegations that had been made against him.

The NFL hasn't responded (of course). The shitstorm lookout continues.

[via Hollywood Reporter]