Nebraska shouldn't have needed this play, but we're glad that they messed up badly against McNeese State. The fault of the team sparked a bit of brilliance from an individual. Isn't that what team sports is all about? Having one man do dope shit that's easily consumed via GIF? 

An FCS team has no business taking Nebraska to 24-24 with less than 35 seconds left in the game, but alas, they drove the Cornhuskers to the brink. With Nebraska driving in the dying seconds, McNeese State needed to get off the field on third-and-six to give themselves a chance to snatch a win in regular time. Nebraska quarterback Tommy Armstrong, Jr. hit Ammer Abdullah for what should've been nominal gain, but Abdullah broke the first tackle, outran the next, and was off past the first down marker. He then survives a huge collision between three McNeese State players, wiggles away from a few more attempted tackles, and runs to daylight. 

Abdullah schooled eight defenders and outran a ninth in a dead sprint for the score. Abdullah is incredible, and Nebraska are lucky winners tonight.


[via Vice Sports]