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Did Bill Simmons deserve to be suspended by ESPN for what he said about Roger Goodell on his The B.S. Report podcast recently? Uh, no. Just about everyone out there—whether they like Simmons or not—seems to think the suspension was completely uncalled for.

Most ESPN employees haven't chimed in on the suspension as of yet, though, because they've reportedly been told not to say anything about it by executives at The Worldwide Leader in Sports. But earlier today, ESPN's Michelle Beadle did have some things to say about Simmons during a radio interview on Cleveland's 92.3 The Fan. Fast-forward to the 9:25 mark of the clip below to hear her talk about him:

Will ESPN take issue with her talking about Simmons' suspension? Probably. But truthfully, she doesn't say anything wrong here, just like Simmons didn't say anything wrong during his podcast. So it'll be interesting to see if anyone at ESPN cares about what Beadle had to say, especially in light of all the criticism they've received over the last 24 hours.

[via CBS Cleveland]